June 12, 2024

First comes the crash, then comes a meme-worthy trial (we’re you “I want you nicely”) and at last there’s … a stage musical?

Although one in every of this stuff just isn’t like the opposite, that is what’s taking place for Gwyneth Paltrow’s now-famous ski crash and the authorized battle that adopted.

From Awkward Productions, a theater group who name themselves “harbingers of queer chaos,” comes “Gwyneth Goes Snowboarding: a narrative of affection, betrayal, snowboarding, and (by some means) Christmas.”

“She’s the Goop-founding, Door-Sliding, Shakespeare-In-Loving, consciously-uncoupling Hollywood famous person. He is a retired Optometrist from Utah. In 2016, they went snowboarding,” Pleasance Theater shared on its web site. “On the slopes of Deer Valley, their worlds collided, and so did they — actually. Ouch. Seven years later in 2023, they went to courtroom. Double ouch. That is their story. Form of. Probably not. But in addition, it is at Christmas.”

The manufacturing will star Linus Karp as Paltrow and Joseph Martin because the optometrist, Terry Sanderson. It’ll additionally characteristic unique music from singer/songwriter Leland.

The story — at the least, in actual life — begins again in 2016, when Paltrow and Sanderson collided on a Utah slope. Sanderson then sued the Oscar-winning actress for $300,000, alleging she recklessly brought on the incident together with her “uncontrolled” snowboarding on the newbie’s slope and left him with lasting points, together with a traumatic mind harm. 

Paltrow denied the claims and countersued for $1 and legal professional charges, claiming it was Sanderson who brought on the incident by crashing into her.

Then in March, the two-week, televised trial ended with a jury discovering Sanderson “100%” at fault,” awarding Paltrow the symbolic $1. 

The trial grew to become a trending subject throughout social media, notably when Paltrow gained and whispered “I want you nicely” to Sanderson as she left the courtroom.

Now London audiences can relive it once more when the 90-minute musical skis throughout the Pleasance Theater stage from Dec. 13 to Dec. 23.

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